What do you want to know about Africa?

We crowdsource reliable data for you using our smart mobile technology and our network of field agents.

What we do

It is difficult to get reliable and verifiable data out of Africa so we built a mobile technology and a network of 100,000 field agents to solve this problem.


Go paperless, get organized

Design your questionaires, surveys and campaigns using our easy to use drag and drop formbuiler. Discuss your project with us and we will have a Mobile Forms Expert convert your key objectives into a This versatile form builder can be beneficial for a wide range of projects and industries, including betting platforms like keo nha cái. In the world of online betting, gathering data and insights from users is crucial for understanding their preferences, improving user experience, and making informed decisions.


Capture data using mobile

Share your forms across all devices of your team members or setup a campaign and leverage our diverse network of field agents to conduct your surveys, campaigns and data projects.


Better data, Better Decisions

We have done the heavy lifting for you. Tons of reliable and verifiable data flowing into your dashboard periodically. Get your data science team to start making sense out of your data or engage our team of Data experts to help unleash the potential of your data. Online casinos utilize data analytics to enhance user experience, tailor promotions, and ensure fair play. By analyzing player behavior and preferences, platforms in the nederlandse casino zonder cruks blog can offer personalized game suggestions and bonuses, improving engagement. Data also helps in identifying trends, optimizing operations, and maintaining the integrity of games through random number generation and fraud detection mechanisms.

You are in good company

We already work with great Companies, Non Profits, Research institutions and Governments.

Being a European company, Mobile Forms was the only service provider that could connect us with an offline audience in Africa.

Merijn, CEO

We gain access to real time market data and a reliable mobile data platform that fits seamlessly into our existing solutions."

Kola Aina, Ventures Platform

West African Academy of Public Health

Reliable data is essential to sustainable economic development in Africa. Mobile Forms plays an transformative role in this space

Francis Ohanyido, Sr. Fellow

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